Fire Alarm

Lighting installation

New, upgrades and retrofit.

Emergency lighting

Distribution upgrades

Transformer installation

Surge Protection

Safeguard your electrical systems and devices from unpredictable power surges with our state-of-the-art surge protection solutions.

Infrared Thermography

Utilize our advanced infrared thermography services for accurate, non-invasive detection of hidden electrical issues.


Modernize and enhance your electrical systems with our efficient and cost-effective retrofitting services.

Equipment Connections

Safe and professional equipment connection services, ensuring seamless integration with your existing electrical setup.


Expert diagnostic services to swiftly identify and resolve complex electrical issues in your home or business.


Reliable and quick repair services to restore and maintain the optimal performance of your electrical systems.


Implement sophisticated control systems for enhanced automation and management of your electrical devices and systems.


Custom Homes

Multi Family

New built

Design built

Basement Legalization

Ensure your basement meets local building codes with our expert legalization services, enhancing safety and functionality.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Upgrade your home’s electrical capacity and safety with our professional electrical panel upgrade services.

Surge Protection

Safeguard your electrical devices from voltage spikes with our comprehensive surge protection solutions.

Service Calls

Responsive and reliable electrical troubleshooting and repair services for all your home’s needs.

Aluminum Wiring Upgrades

Upgrade outdated aluminum wiring to modern standards for enhanced safety and efficiency


Install and configure advanced thermostats for improved energy efficiency and comfort control in your home.

Smart Homes

Transform your living space with our smart home solutions for enhanced convenience, security, and energy management.

Partners and Certifications

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